Total raised for Charity

Students and staff came together to raise money through a range of activities throughout this school year. Thank you to everyone involved.

Physical Education

  • Mr J. Logan - Head of PE, Studied at: De Montfort University, Bedford
  • Miss M. Plackett - PE Teacher, Studied at: University of Bedfordshire
  • Mr C. Clarke - PE Teacher, Studied at: Coventry University
  • Miss L. Curley - PE Teacher, University of Bedfordshire
  • Mr G. Teasdale - PE Teacher, St John’s College, York
  • Mrs N. Harwood - PE Teacher/Assistant SENCO, Liverpool John Moore’s
  • Mr T. Leghorn - PE Teacher/Assistant Headteacher
  • Mr D. Wragg - PE Teacher/Assistant Headteacher, Studied at: Chichester University
  • Mr J. Lawes, Learning Supervisor - Studying at: The Open University
  • Miss A. Brain, PE Apprentice - Studying with: H.O.E.T

Bilton’s PE department’s mission is to provide challenging, engaging and enjoyable Physical Education lessons which provide opportunities for our students to make significant progress in all areas of PE, leading to a lifelong engagement in Sport, and outcomes that enable a passport to future sporting careers.

Key Stage Three

In Key Stage Three students will take part in two different sports each half term. Over the course of a year students will get to experience and learn 12 sports in curriculum time. In particular, sports at Key Stage Three include football, tag-rugby, netball, badminton and gymnastics. We also offer a strong extra-curricular programme, with numerous different clubs on throughout the week.

Key Stage Four

At Key Stage Four, students have the opportunity of studying either GCSE Physical Education which is a combination of practical and theory based learning. Students are assessed via their proficiency in several sports as well as being externally assessed. At Key Stage Four we also offer a BTEC which, again, is a mixture of theory and practical learning; this covers Leadership in Sport, Fitness for Sport and Exercise and the psychological aspects of performance. We also continue to offer a variety of extra-curricular opportunities for students in Key Stage Four and have produced many successful sports teams in recent years who have had success both locally and nationally.

Key Stage Five

At Key Stage Five, students have the opportunity to study A Level PE or BTEC Sport as one of their Post 16 options. A Level PE is a challenging qualification which is largely theory based with a strong biology component. This qualification is ideally suited to those students looking to study Sport or Physical Education at university level. BTEC Sport provides students with the opportunity to study a broader range of topics related to sporting activity, this includes leadership, practical sports and exercise science.