Total raised for Charity

Students and staff came together to raise money through a range of activities throughout this school year. Thank you to everyone involved.

ICT and Computing

Team Members are:

Simon Pinnegar (Head of ICT & Computing)

Paul Moorcroft

Irfaan Khares

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage Three ICT, students follow a rigorous curriculum that fully prepares them for the challenges of GCSE Computer Science or GCSE ICT. Students learn about E-Safety, spreadsheet modelling, creating websites, storing data, hardware and software and also learn to code using Python. Students will have tried out and practiced key concepts of the GCSE courses before they chose their options in Year 8 so that they are as well prepared as can be to select courses that they will love studying in Key Stage 4 and 5.

Key Stage 4

The department runs option courses in Computer Science and ICT. In Computer Science students follow the OCR course and learn about the workings of a computer as well as learning to create robust programs using the Python programming language. They complete a programming project worth 20% of their final grade and sit two written paper examinations worth 40% each, these examinations cover the computer theory and programming elements.

In ICT students are either following CIE’s iGCSE ICT course, Edexcel’s Certificate in Digital Applications (CIDA) or AQA’s Technicals course. CIDA teaches students about website production and all of the different types of files required to build a professional website and is assessed with a large project worth 75% and a 25% written exam. The Technicals course is more theoretical and covers hardware and software, spreadsheet modelling, databases, websites, storage and file types; this course is assessed on a 60/40 split in favour of practical assessment. Our current Year 11 students are studying the iGCSE course which is assessed as follows: 30% written theory exam, and two practical exams worth 40% each.

Useful Information for Year 11

There are a number of useful websites to support students at home:


- BBC bitesize

- GCSE pod

- YouTube (For covering practical ICT skills, everything is available)

Revision textbook: Cambridge IGCSE ICT Study and Revision Guide (ISBN: 1471890333)

Intervention classes and clubs:

THURSDAY 3:15 to 4:15 – ICT Drop in sessions in K13 and K14 with ICT Staff. Please encourage students to attend

Key Stage 5

We currently offer the Level 3 BTEC Information Technology and the OCR A Level in Computing. Historically, students on both qualifications have successfully gone on to study the topics further at University and they have enjoyed completing the courses here at Bilton. Both courses offer elements of internally assessed work and externally assessed examinations.