Total raised for Charity

Students and staff came together to raise money through a range of activities throughout this school year. Thank you to everyone involved.

Character and Culture

Meet The Character and Culture team

Miss C Francis (Head of Character and Culture)

Mr J Crumbie (2ndCharacter and Culture)

The purpose of delivering ‘Character and Culture’ within the curriculum is to ensure that students are given the opportunity to develop their own character. This personal development programme encourages students to actively improve their leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication skills. Students will be encouraged to understand how people are different to them, as well as the importance of being kind and treating people with respect. Students will be expected to undertake tailored and personalised challenges, as a way of evidencing their own personal achievements.

Career Guidance

All students will have access to a careers programme, throughout their Character and Culture curriculum.

The career programme covers:

  • E- learning, online careers questionnaire and programme, finding careers that match their personality types.
  • How to write effective Curriculum Vitae, personal profiles and statements.
  • How to be effective interview candidates.
  • The importance of employee engagement and being happy at work.
  • Personalised Career Pathways –Apprenticeships or University routes and the importance of making a career choice, which is right for them.
  • The Top Ten Qualities and Skills employers are looking for and how develop their skills and qualities.
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace.

In addition to our existing career consultant support, students will also be working with external businesses and contacts, to support their career education and provide them with personalised guidance on their chosen career pathway.

Character and Culture - Scheme of Learning Themes

Year 7

  • Starting as we mean to go on
  • Expressing myself effectively
  • Making good decisions

Year 8

  • Celebrating our differences
  • Thinking with a clear head
  • Committing to growth

Year 9

  • Finding my voice
  • Adapting my voice
  • Growing in confidence

Year 10

  • Owning my journey
  • Owning my actions
  • Owning my decisions

Year 11

  • Breaking down the Journey
  • Personalised development and learning
  • Charting the course and finishing with pride
  • (Sixth Form and year 11 mentoring programme)

Character and Culture – What does it look like at Bilton, so far?

During this first term of Character and Culture, our students have been involved with several different outside agencies and charities.

Some of which have been:

Year 7Fire Awareness training sessions.

Year 8Re-start a Heart training day.

Year 9Compass Health and Wellbeing questionnaire.

Year 10 Samaritans talk as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Year 11/6th formPersonalised Mentoring Programme.

To promote Character and Culture within the school, we have also held whole school themed days on:

Remembrance Day- students worked on a school mural, in line with the British Legion’s ‘Thank you’ theme.

Mental Health Awareness Week whole school activities and learning based on healthy minds and lifestyle choices.

Kindness week during tutor time, our students were asked to create proposals for whole school fundraising events.

Diwali weekArt and food sessions linking to this festive, raising students’ awareness of different cultures and beliefs.

Anti-Bullying weekOdd sock day. Whole school effort to unite against bullying.

Operation Christmas Child students sent off their shoe boxes of donations, showing their acts of kindness.

National Christmas Jumper Day and Food Bank donations.