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Students and staff came together to raise money through a range of activities throughout this school year. Thank you to everyone involved.


Student Voice

Student Voice Thursday 12thSeptember 2019

No. of Pupils: 14 (3 x Yr7, 3 x Yr8, 3 x Yr9, 2 x Yr9, 3 x Yr.11)

Q1. Do you enjoy all lessons and find the work interesting?

  • Art, PE, English, Photography, History and Maths lessons came across from the pupils as the most enjoyable and interesting. (Yr.10/11)
  • Character and culture lessons, Science, PE, English, Technology and Art are enjoyable and interesting (Yr.7,8,9)

Q2. Do feel well supported in lessons?

  • Some times when it is a cover lesson the we do not get support (Yr.10)
  • The large majority of pupils all agreed they are supported well in lessons. (Maths, English was a popular lesson where pupils felt supported)

Q3. Are you encouraged to challenge yourself in lessons?

  • Lessons which are set, (Maths, English and Science) Yr.10/11
  • PE lessons are challenging, as some of the sports I haven’t played before (Yr.7)
  • Cover lessons are not challenging, lots of copying or questions from a text book (Yr.11)

Q4. How does your teacher help you remember content you learnt in a previous lesson?

  • With short tests, end of topic tests, drop down days, starters (Yr.10/11)
  • English Lit lessons in Kay Hall (Yr.11)

Q5. Do you know why you are learning certain topics?

  • Its part of the GCSE course (Yr.10/11)
  • We will be tested on it (Yr.7)

Q6. Do you feel safe at Bilton School?

  • 100% of pupils said Yes.

Q7. Does bullying take place at Bilton School?

  • Bullying does occur at every school, but it is mainly commenting on social media outside of school, occasionally this does get into school, but it is dealt with by pastoral leaders and teachers. (Yr.11)
  • We do have name calling at break/lunch time but we know which teachers are on duty to speak to (Yr.8)

Q8. How is poor behaviour dealt with at Bilton School?

  • The behaviour system in classrooms is simple to understand (Yr.11/10)
  • Behaviour is much better in lessons (Yr.11)
  • Some teachers don’t need a behaviour system as pupils behaviour because they like the lesson (Yr.9)
  • Some teachers don’t give warnings (Yr.9)

Q9. Are you proud to attend Bilton School?

  • 100% are proud to attend Bilton School
  • The buildings have improved a lot, carpets, floor, classrooms. (Yr.11)

Q10. Any other comments?

  • Toilets need to be changed, proper sinks and locks on the doors replaced.
  • Better rewards in the rewards shop, not footballs and basketballs.
  • More water fountains around the school
  • A school panto/play for all year groups
  • Computers to use a break and lunch time