Total raised for Charity

Students and staff came together to raise money through a range of activities throughout this school year. Thank you to everyone involved.


Opening Times

Monday- 8:30am- 4:00pm

Tuesday- 8:30am- 4:00pm

Wednesday- 8:30am- 5:00pm

Thursday- 8:30am-4:30pm

Friday- 8:30am-3:30pm

Reading is one of the most important skills you will learn in school. Like all skills, improvement comes with practice and Bilton School Library provides a wide variety of books for you to borrow for reading practice, information and enjoyment.

The library is your space to learn and discover. If you every have any recommendations or questions about the Library please let us know.

Our library aims to support you throughout your time here. However, in order to maintain and expand our library resources, it is essential that you return the resources you have borrowed.

  • Students are responsible to handle library books and resources with care. Please keep books away from food, liquids and pets.
  • Any book/resource that is damaged or lost should be reported to Bilton School Library immediately in order for it to be repaired. If the damage caused is not easily repairable, payment toward a replacement copy will be requested from parents.
  • If a book/resource is lost, payment toward a replacement copy will be requested from parents.
  • All books issued from Bilton School Library, including English books, must be returned directly to Bilton School Library and not to a teacher.
  • If you move from Bilton School, please return all books before moving.
  • Fiction books can be loaned for a two week period but non-fiction books have varying loan periods. The due date of each book will always be stamped on the inside cover of the book. If students have not finished reading their book during this time, they are able to renew their book. Any overdue book means that a student cannot borrow another book until the overdue book is renewed or returned.
  • Students will receive 3 reminders via their school email/tutor to return an overdue resource. If the book has still not been returned, a letter will be sent home charging for the replacement copy of the missing resource.

The Library Website

The Library website is for you to keep track of the resources you have borrowed, as well as search for resources which you may wish to borrow. The library website will recommend resources for you based on your previous loans, it also allows you to write reviews on the books you have read to share with the rest of the school.

The library website can be accessed via the following link:

library website

Library Rules

There are a few rules that need to be followed when using the Library:

  • No food or drink should be consumed in the library, this needs to be finished before you come in.
  • Ensure you enter quietly, making sure you don’t disturb others who may be working.
  • Bags and coats should be put tidily in the bag store as you enter the library.
  • You may borrow up to 3 books or 2 books and 1 DVD at one time.

Library Resources

The library offers a range of resources that are available for you to use. The library has a wide range of fiction books that are available for you to borrow. These books are ordered alphabetically by the author’s surname.

The library’s non-fiction section has a large number of informational books, covering leisure interests and school subjects. These books are order numerically by the dewey decimal code, which can be located on the spine of each book.

As well as newspapers, the library also subscribe to a number of magazines, including Rugby World, Empire and The National Geographic.

There are 10 computers in the Library that are available to use before and after school as well as at break and lunch times.

Extra-curricular Clubs

Homework Club

Although the library is always open after school for students to complete their homework, extra support will be given to students on a Thursday afterschool from 3:05pm- 4:00pm if required.

Y8 & 9 Book Club

Y8 & 9 Book Club runs on a Friday afterschool, from 3:05pm-3:45pm every other week. Please be aware that this book club is aimed at advanced readers. It is aimed at advanced have two book clubs, one on a Monday form time and one afterschool on a Thursday from 3:05pm-4:00pm. If you would like to join either Book Club then please speak to a Librarian.

If you would like to join or find out more about either Book Club then please speak to a Librarian or come along to a session!

Spanish Conversation

Tuesday 3:05pm-4:00pm

An opportunity for GCSE students to practise their Spanish Oral. Please speak to Mr Bolatti or Mrs Willington if you would like to attend.

Reading Hack

Reading Hack runs on a Monday and Tuesday afterschool from 3:05-4:00pm and is open to all years. Reading Hack is reading subverted flipped on its head, re-read, converted. Students hack reading by doing an activity with reading at its heart. This is a student led club, so students decide on the activities. Read Hack aims to help students increase their confidence, employability, well-being and enjoyment of reading. To find out more, please go to .

Art Intervention

If you are a GCSE/ A-Level Art student and require extra support with your art, then drop-in to the Library on a Wednesday afterschool from 3:05pm-4:00pm.


The careers service has an area with university prospectuses and information about a large number of careers. A careers specialist, Mr Stoddart, visits on a Tuesday and Thursday to meet with students to discuss further education and future career options. If you would like to book a careers appointment, please speak to Mr Stoddart during break or lunch on a Tuesday or Thursday.

Stationery Shop

The Library sells basic stationery at reasonable prices. These can be bought whenever the Library is open.