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Students and staff came together to raise money through a range of activities throughout this school year. Thank you to everyone involved.


We design and plan work-related activities which help the student to demonstrate and acquire:

  • Character Education
  • Self-Awareness and Development
  • Career Exploration
  • Raising Career Aspirations & Career Management
  • Support with researching and applying for GCSE, Post 16 and Post 18 options (Further Education, Higher Education, Apprenticeships and Employment Opportunities)
  • Employability Skills (CV, Mock Interview & Work experience)
  • Useful career related websites (UCAS, National Apprenticeships, Start Profile)



In Yr7/8, all students are introduced to Careers during their Character and Culture lessons. During this structured time, students can access the necessary information needed towards making their future pathway choices. Students participate in our own Character and Culture Education Programme, to develop the skills that will be sought after by employers in the future.

The career programme covers:

  • E- learning, online careers questionnaire and programme, finding careers that match their personality types.
  • How to write effective Curriculum Vitae, personal profiles and statements.
  • How to be effective interview candidates.
  • The importance of employee engagement and being happy at work.
  • Personalised Career Pathways –Apprenticeships or University routes and the importance of making a career choice, which is right for them.
  • The Top Ten Qualities and Skills employers are looking for and how develop their skills and qualities.
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace.
  • In addition to our existing career consultant support, students will also be working with external businesses and contacts, to support their career education and provide them with personalised guidance on their chosen career pathway. Bilton School is currently planning a Summer Careers Fair for ks4/5 students.

    All Key Stages and year groups complete a course of career lessons during their Character and Culture lessons. The Character and Culture Careers Programme continues in Years 9,10 and 11 with a strong focus on employability. Key stage 4 students use Startprofile to investigate and explore different career profiles, looking at the skills and qualifications required for different careers.

    Sixth Form students have an introduction to applying for University and looking at alternative to Higher Education during the UCAS day each year. Bilton School invites in local universities and local employers to discuss Post 16 options and support students with personal statements, applications and student finance. Students are supported by Miss Harwood (Head of 6th Form,) 6th form tutors by Mr Dodds (Assistant Head and responsible for year 11.)


    The Head of Year 11 and Head of 6th form work closely with the school Careers Adviser, (Mr Stoddart.) All students have the opportunity of at least one individual careers interview during year 11 and receive impartial careers information advice and guidance. Students and parents can request careers information from Mr Dodds or Mr Stoddart.

    Local colleges, universities and training provider’s information and open days will be available from Mr Stoddart in the careers office and by Miss Harwood in the 6th form Centre.


    Mr Dodds, (Assistant Head and Head of year 11) is in charge of Careers, he works with Mr Stoddart (Careers Adviser,) as well as the Head of 6th Form (Miss Harwood,) and Miss Francis (Head of Character and Culture.)



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    Useful Websites

    Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance Policy

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