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Bilton School teaching staff list – Sept 2021

Mrs Claire ANDERSON    Head of History
Mrs Anna-Marie ANDREWS    KS3 Teacher (English and Maths)
Mrs Louise ANSELL    Teacher of English/2 ic Character & Culture
Ms Nadine ATTWELL    Teacher of Science
Mr Jonathan BEAN    2 ic Maths
Mr Michael BEESTON    Teacher of Maths
Mrs Sarah BUNCE    Head of Science
Miss Laura BUTLER    Teacher of English
Mr Tim CHAMBERS    Headteacher
Mrs Annabelle CLARKE    Teacher of Technology/Social Sciences
Mr Chris CLARKE    Teacher of PE
Mr Stephen CARTER    Teacher of Computer Science/IT
Miss Beth CLEMENTS    Teacher of Maths
Miss Elena COTTERILL    Teacher of Food & Psychology/Deputy SENCo
Mrs Helen CROSS    Associate SLT/Teacher of History
Mr James CRUMBIE    Head of Social Science
Miss Laura CURLEY    Teacher of PE
Mrs Lucy DAY    Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr Nigel DODDS    Assistant Headteacher/Teacher of technology
Mr Thomas GLEGHORN    Assistant Headteacher/Teacher of PE
Miss Ainhoa GOMEZ-GARCIA    Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr John GORDON    Teacher of Music
Ms Julie GRIFFITHS    Teacher of Social Science
Miss Emma GUY    Teacher of Art
Mr Mark HALLETT    Head of Technology
Miss Claire HARWOOD    Assistant Headteacher/Teacher of Art
Mr Daniel HIGGINS    Teacher of PE
Mrs Jude HOOD    Teacher of Science
Mrs Claire HOPKINS    Teacher of Performing Arts
Ms Toni JOHNSON    Head of 6th Form/Teacher of Social Science
Mrs Jasvir  KAUR    Teacher of Business
Mr Akhil KESHANI    Teacher of Maths
Miss Amna KHAN    Teacher of Geography
Miss Paula LATKA    Teacher of Maths
Miss Danielle LAWSON    Teacher of Maths
Ms Andrea LEVINE    Teacher of Geography
Mrs Siobhan LOYDALL    Head of Character and Culture/Teacher of English
Mrs Gurveena MANN     2 ic English
Mr Graeme MARTIN    Assistant Headteacher/Teacher of Science
Mrs Zoe MARTIN    Associate SLT/Teacher of Science
Mr Lloyd MASKERY    Teacher of History
Mrs Sandrine MAWEE    Head of MFL
Mrs Emmeline MCCHLEERY    Head of Geography/Teacher of English
Mrs Carolyn MCGUIGAN    Head of Maths
Mr Dominic MCSHANE    Teacher of Maths
Ms Sanda MOCANU    Teacher of Geography
Mrs Laura PARKER    Teacher of Art
Ms Elizabeth PAYNE    Teacher of Englsih
Mr Simon PINNEGAR    Head of ICT and Business
Miss Megan PLACKETT    Teacher of PE/Teaching Sch Coordinator for ITT CPD
Miss Anna PRICE    Teacher of English/C&C team
Mr Oliver QUIGLEY    Teacher of English
Mrs Vini RAJALINGAM    Teacher of Science
Miss Lucy ROBINSON    Teacher of Science
Ms Tahseen REHMAN-MINHAS    Teacher of Maths
Ms Jemma-Leigh RILEY    2nd in Charge of Science
Mrs Inda Gill - (Previously Miss Sandhar)  Head of English
Miss Klara SPENCER    Teacher of English
Miss Jessica STAY    Teacher of Social Sciences
Miss Elena TEW    Head of Photography & Art
Mrs Jessica VAGHELA    Teacher of Science
Mrs Natasha WARWOOD    SENCO & Teacher of PE
Mrs Emma WOOD    Teacher of Technology/History
Mrs Charlotte WOODLAND    Teacher of PE
Miss Hannah WRIGHT    Teacher of Art
Mr Dean WRAGG    Assistant Headteacher/Teacher of PE