Contact Teaching Staff

Mrs C ANDERSON, Head of History

Mrs A ANDREWS, KS3 Teacher

Mrs L ANSELL, Teacher of English

Mrs N ATTWELL, Teacher of Science

Mr J BEAN, Head of Maths (0.2fte)

Mr M BEESTON, Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs S BUNCE, Head of Science

Miss L BUTLER, Teacher of English

Mr T CHAMBERS, Headteacher

Mrs A CLARKE, Teacher of Art/Technology & Social Sciences

Mr C CLARKE, Teacher of PE

Miss B CLEMENTS, Teacher of Maths

Miss E COTTERILL, Teacher of Technology & Psychology

Mr J CRUMBIE, Teacher of Social Sciences

Mrs E CUFF, Teacher of English

Miss L CURLEY, Teacher of PE

Mrs L DAY, Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Mr N DODDS, Assistant Headteacher/Teacher of Technology

Mrs H ESSERY, Head of Law & EPQ/Teacher of Georgraphy

Miss C FRANCIS, Teacher of Art/Technology /Head of Character & Culture

Mr T GLEGHORN, Assistant Headteacher/Teacher of PE

Miss A GOMEZ-GARCIA, Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Miss E GORDON, Teacher of History

Mr M HALLETT, Head of Technology

Miss C HARDWOOD, Assistant Headteacher/Teacher of Art

Mrs C HOPKINS, Head of Performing Arts

Ms K IRWIN, Teacher of English/Literacy Coordinator

Miss T JOHNSON, Teacher of Social Science & Geography

Miss J KAUR, Teacher of Business

Mr I KHARES, Teacher of Computer Science

Miss P LATKA, Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs S LOYDALL, Teacher of English

Mrs G MANN, 2nd in Charge of English

Mr G MARTIN, Assistant Headteacher/Teacher of Georgraphy & Science

Mrs Z MARTIN, Associate SLT/Teacher of Social Sciences & Science

Mrs S MAWEE, Head of MFL

Mrs E McCHLEER,Y Lead Practitioner in English

Mrs C McGUIGAN, Head of Mathematics

Mr D McSHANE, Teacher of Maths

Ms S MOCANU, Head of Geography

Mr P MOORCROFT, Teacher of ICT/Computer Science

Miss H NICHOLAS, Associate SLT/Teacher of History

Mr R NORMAN, Teacher of Mathematics

Mr P NOWAK, Teacher of Media

Mrs L PARKER, Teacher of Art

Ms E PAYNE, Teacher of English


Miss M PLACKETT, Head of PE

Miss A PRICE, Teacher of English

Mrs V RAJALINGAM, Teacher of Science

Ms T REHMAN-MINHAS, Teacher of Mathematics

Ms J RILEY, 2nd in Charge of Science

Miss I SANDHAR, Head of English

Ms T SUMMERS, Teacher of Design & Technology

Mr G TEASDALE, Teacher of PE

Miss E TEW, Head of Photography & Art

Miss C THOMAS, Head of Social Sciences/Teacher of History

Mrs J VAGHELA, Teacher of Science

Mrs N WARWOOD, SENCO & Teacher of PE

Mrs E WILLIAMS, Teacher of Science

Mr D WRAGG, Assistant Headteacher/Teacher of PE