Whilst being part of Bilton school, pupils will benefit from Character & Culture lessons and a variety of memorable experiences.  The curriculum and the experiences aim to develop our pupils in their life beyond school, as compassionate, confident and courageous 21st Century citizens, as well as enjoy their time at school and achieve in their learning.  
Our curriculum builds a strong foundation in knowledge, understanding and key skills which lead to academic and personal success.  Our rich extra-curricular programme equips our pupils with the confidence and commitment to strive in a subject or hobby they are passionate about.  We work towards every pupil aspiring to be the best they can be.
Our aims are underpinned by our Character & Culture intent: Every pupil has an appreciation of British values, cultural respect, the society they are a part of and its diversity.  These principles are at the heart of everything we do, so our curriculum and memorable experiences reflect this, whilst promoting British Values; developing each pupils’ SMSC attributes and giving a valuable careers education in line with the Gatsby Benchmarks.

The Character & Culture curriculum is planned to enable all students to develop skills in the following areas: 

  • Careers & Aspirations
  • Values & Culture
  • Democracy in Britain
  • Community Issues
  • Relationships, Sex and Health Education
  • Worldwide Views & Beliefs

The curriculum is bespoke to each year group; it includes formal teaching through Character & Culture lessons, assemblies and extra-curricular activities. Throughout the year, there are further opportunities to engage with Character & Culture, including presentations and memorable experiences from external providers. To ensure we are meeting our curriculum aims we regularly review our content. 

RSE: Each year a letter is sent to all parents and carers with regards to Government RSE policy with on opt out clause.