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Welcome to Bilton Sixth Form. Thank you for taking the time to look at our Website. Students that study with us make excellent progress and results at post 16 have improved year on year. Our job is to ensure that students achieve their potential.

Bilton School is a very positive school. Staff, students and parents have worked together to create a unique place of learning where every student is valued for their talents and encouraged to live the school motto, ‘be the best you can be’. We are passionate in our belief that any goal is achievable, and we will challenge and support students to ensure that they have the highest aspirations. We do this within a supportive and caring ethos which is underpinned by high expectations in every part of school life. We expect students to be dressed smartly at all times, to behave well, and always try their best in every activity they attempt. As a school we recognise the importance of working in partnership with parents and carers, so there are very clear communication channels between home and school. We want to know how students are doing at home so we can have a full picture of their achievements and celebrate them. Equally we want to ensure that parents have a clear picture of their child’s progress at school so that they too can celebrate their child’s achievements at home. We believe that if links between home and school are strong then all children will be happy, successful and skilled individuals. We believe that all students need to achieve academically as the results that they gain will determine their future opportunities. We want students to develop as learners who can tackle new challenges and be resilient enough to carry on even if things are not easy to begin with. Finally, we want to give students wonderful memorable experiences that will remain with them for the rest of their lives and allow them to reflect positively about their education at Bilton. Bilton School is a place where every student is valued and respected for their individual talents and where we will work relentlessly to ensure that they have every opportunity to be happy and successful.

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