Total raised for Charity

Students and staff came together to raise money through a range of activities throughout this school year. Thank you to everyone involved.


Year 7 Art

Mrs Parker's year 7 art class have been exploring the qualities of paint and how to create different tones with a single colour, without the use of black.

Great work in progress year 7!

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Great News

We are delighted to announce that as of February 1st Stockton Primary school is officially part of the Stowe Valley MAT, joining Southam College, Bilton School and Byfield primary.

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Y13 Forensic Psychology

Students have been learning about offender profiling and disorganised and organised offenders in their forensic unit. This led to two crime scenes being put together for the students to use the skills they have learnt to identify the killer. Great work Y13!

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#iwill vist Dewar's House

Our kind and considerate #iwill group visited Dewar's House again last night! Mr Norman and Ms Clarke were thrilled to hear all of the wonderful stories that the residents told the group! We look forward to learning more about the residents next month.

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Year 9 GCSE Art

Work by Miss Smiths Year 9 GCSE art group. They are exploring a range of materials based on skeletons. The groups were given limited monochrome resources to use and a range of images to respond to. Some amazing results ! Well done Year 9.

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Year 9 GCSE Art

Mrs Parker's year 9 GCSE Art class have been exploring the qualities of clay and making beautiful 3D tiles inspired by their project theme 'Natural Forms'.

Great work year 9!

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#iwill students really got involved this week at Drovers House! Lots of chatting, laughing and giggling with the residents.

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Read for Good

Thank you to all Year 7 and Year 8 students who are undertaking the sponsored read; we are now half way through!

A special thank you to Caleb in Year 8 who has already raised £65, well done!'

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Design a Pavilion for a new public place is a nationwide campaign to celebrate architecture and encourage young architects everywhere to design public spaces for the cities of the future.

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Year 8 Art Analysis

Year 8 students were taking part in an art analysis lesson this morning. They were given postcards of different art works, then took turns to describe the work to each other and for the 'listener' to draw from the description.

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