Total raised for Charity

Students and staff came together to raise money through a range of activities throughout this school year. Thank you to everyone involved.


  • Miss Elena Tew, BA HONS Manchester Metropolitan University PGCE Birmingham City University
  • Mrs Laura Parker, BA HONS University of the West of England, Bristol QTS University of Warwick
  • Mrs Hayley Barnard, Ba Hons Degree at Birmingham City University QTS - The Cambridge Partnership
  • Mrs Karen Curtis, Creative Technician Qualified in Photoshop
  • Ms Jacky Smith
  • Miss Claire Francis

Key Stage Three

At Key Stage Three, our Art curriculum focuses on the basics of drawing, painting and sculpture. As students move through Key Stage Three, they have the opportunity to study more challenging topics such as Cubism, Perspective and GCSE style projects in Design. We are incredibly proud of the work that our Key Stage Three students are able to produce and regularly exhibit their work at whole school events.

Key Stage Four

In Key Stage Four, students work on an Extended Project based on a choice of titles that are provided for them. Students are expected to complete two projects by the start of Year 11. Projects can focus on specific areas of strength, such as drawing or painting, to ensure that students secure the very best outcomes possible. Many of our students’ work has been exhibited around the school and in the local community. We’re incredibly proud that so many of our Art students go on to study Art at A level and beyond.

Key Stage Five

In Key Stage Five, students have the opportunity to study Art in preparation for university. We also offer A Level Photography which has proved incredibly popular in recent years, securing excellent outcomes for students at A Level. In Art, students are asked to complete an Extended Project that builds towards their exam at the end of the first and second year. This model is mirrored in the Photography specification; many of our students have had their work exhibited around the school and beyond which demonstrates the quality of the work that is produced at Bilton.

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