Total raised for Charity

Students and staff came together to raise money through a range of activities throughout this school year. Thank you to everyone involved.


Whittle House incorporates the Maths, Computer Science, Business and Economics. Ms Lewis leads as the pastoral head of the house, Mr Pinnegar as Standards Leader and Ms Miller the Assistant Head teacher responsible for the progress of students within Whittle House. We are very proud of all students and have a fantastic team spirit within the house. In Whittle we believe that every student has individual talents, no matter how big or small, which we love to celebrate at every opportunity. We take the opportunity to celebrate these achievements through our weekly house assemblies, school rewards evening and postcards home.

Whittle House is named after Sir Frank Whittle who was born 1st June 1907. Sir Frank Whittle was an English Royal Air Force engineer air officer. He is credited with single-handedly inventing the turbojet engine. From an early age, Whittle demonstrated an aptitude for engineering and an interest in flying. At first he was turned down by the RAF but, determined to join the Royal Air Force, he overcame his physical limitations and was accepted and sent to No. 2 School of Technical Training to join No 1 Squadron of Cranwell Aircraft Apprentices. He was taught the theory of aircraft engines and gained practical experience in the engineering workshops. His academic and practical abilities as an Aircraft Apprentice earned him a place on the officer training course at Cranwell. He excelled in his studies and became an accomplished pilot. While writing his thesis there he formulated the fundamental concepts that led to the creation of the turbojet engine, taking out a patent on his design in 1930. In 1948, Whittle retired from the RAF and received a knighthood.

Sir Frank Whittle embodies our culture of resilience and determination; that despite multiple setbacks anyone can achieve their goals when applying commitment, grit and determination. We believe in all of our students and are confident they can all achieve their full potential.

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